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1. adjourn

Judge Hilary Manley adjourned the case for two hours whilst she viewed the 55 minute footage in her chambers.
The judge adjourned the case until March 31.
we adjourned the meeting przesunęliśmy zebranie shall we adjourn to the garden-czy powinniśmy przejść do ogrodu?
The meeting was adjourned until Tuesday.
to adjourn a case, a meeting
The trial was adjourned till next month
His trial was adjourned until May
As we adjourn, let me once again...
I move that the meeting adjourn.
The Diet will adjourn for three months.
Let's adjourn to the dining room for dinner.

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2. procrastinate

And if you procrastinate long enough, maybe the issue will go away.
If I don't like doing something I procrastinate it as much as I can.
John always procrastinates. He didn’t finish his essay until the night before.
Tatoeba is a great way to procrastinate.
I offten procrastinate paying bills

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3. defer

Can we defer our meeting?
can we defer making a decision until next week?
such individuals defer matters of judgment to their own conscience
The two men agreed to defer any action for a couple of days.
He has defered informing him about his mother death
The supplier has agreed to defer the payment for this invoice.
to defer to sb’s wishes
Children deferred to their father's wishes
The payments can be deferred for three months.
They can't defer makind a decision for ever. They have to let us know within two weeks.
I defer making a payment
proper to defer commitment on a solution until we are clear about the intended outcome.
He'll defer to the president-elect on this one.
You should not defer having kids
The company will defer payment for whatever length of time you require.

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4. to postpone

I'd like to postpone our meeting.
Would it be possible to postpone the party till next week?
I no longer want to postpone anything in life.
I'm afraid I have to postpone this conference till next month.

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