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1. once once

I once wanted to be an astrophysicist.
Once again.
Once we thought that Man couldn't fly.
Once in a while everything goes wrong.
I'll pay you back once I receive my salary.
I once sat at the same table with him at a dinner party.
Once you skip a lesson, it's hard to catch up with your classmates.
She told me once and for all that she did not want to see me again.
He once lied and told her a rare creature lived in her closet.
All at once, the Buddhist priest burst into laughter, spoiling the solemn atmosphere.
Angola was once a Portuguese territory.
I don't understand and I'm not used to not understanding. Please explain it once more.
I know that it is highly unlikely that you'd ever want to go out with me, but I still need to ask at least once.
Tom brings his children with him to work once or twice a year.
The Japanese public bathhouse was once used as a center of social life in one's neighborhood.

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2. before

Death before dishonor!
The fact that Britain had no national anthem before 1745 is in itself of little consequence.
Before long, the moon came out.
I told you before that you should ask your mother first.
Before Tom met Mary, he never seemed to be happy.
She had been in the hospital for a week before her husband came back.
Many parents think it's important for their children to eat before 8:00 p.m.
Before you can love others, you need to be able to love yourself.
Humanity has suffered more from war in this century than ever before.
He had not been employed by the company two years before his linguistic abilities were recognized.
It was very cold, and then before long, on top of that, it began to rain.
I'll leave a key with my next-door neighbour in case you get here before I do.
Before going to study in Paris, I must brush up on my French.
I met Tom before I graduated from high school, but didn't meet Mary until many years later.
It's very unlikely that we will release a new album before next winter.

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3. erstwhile

the erstwhile president of the company
My erstwhile brother i law want to see me.

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