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1. homely homely

the room is homely
The hotel has a homely decor and reasonable prices.
When I told her I'd never seen such a homely girl, she accused me of sexual harassment.

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2. cosy cosy

I like your room, it's cosy in here.
We were invited into a cosy little kitchen.
but it’s really cosy."
I'm going to decorate my new flat more cosy and comfortable.
He never used the cosy chambers which the Reform...
They're not cosy, little conventional paintings
cosy room
the atmosphere in this place is very cosy
This is a very cosy little cottage.
a place that is cosy is small, comfortable, and warm
cosy atmosphere
cosy appartment, cosy chair
I moved to a small, cosy room.
It may not be a very large flat, but it is cosy and comfortable.
We regularly have dinner in that cosy Italian restaurant.

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