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gloomy inglés:

1. unhappy and without hope

Inglés palabragloomy"(unhappy and without hope) ocurre en conjuntos:

13 Talking about yourself
Unit 6.1-6.2

2. to be very sad and without hope

Inglés palabragloomy"(to be very sad and without hope) ocurre en conjuntos:

Synonyms for the adjective "sad"
Synonyms for the adjective "sad"

3. dark and depressing

Inglés palabragloomy"(dark and depressing) ocurre en conjuntos:

PNJA GE 16.11

4. glum

glum silence
He looked glum.
Don't be so glum about it. Life has its ups and downs.
Their glum expressions were an understandable human reaction
Daniel had every reason to be happy, but he still felt glum and couldn’t say why he felt that way.
This, Eli thought glumly, was a classic joke in the making.
He was glum about my refusal.
... feeling a little bit glum and you buy a...

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Słówka 22.02

5. bleak

a bleak outlook/prospect
They paint a bleak picture of future.
... picker is still rather bleak.
The strenous and bleak working conditions Dickens endured found their way onto the pages of Oliver Twist
Rebellion without truth is like spring in a bleak, arid desert.
the playground is a bleak, empty space
Your future see bleak
1. The bleak moors are scary at night. 2. His expression remained bleak.
a bleak January afternoon
When I did, he would be sitting in his chair looking out into the bleak garden.
The company still hopes to find a buyer, but the future looks bleak.
Sadly, the prospects for young people in Lithuania today are rather bleak.
Allen was typically bleak at its press conference
The future is looking bleak for small clubs struggling with debts.
I guess my view on friendship is pretty bleak because I've never really had to rely on anyone for anything.

6. dismal

dismal conditions/surroundings/weather
The prospects for Japan's future look dismal.
The house looked very dismal.
What dismal weather!
The outlook for the defense program is dismal.
She was sad and dismal.
The dismal weather made the late afternoon seem like evening
When it turned out I didn't pass the exam I felt dismal.
What dismal weather. That was a dismal performance.
The trip was a dismal failure.
Hospitals are drab, dismal places not designed to heal.
The acting was dismal, wasn't it? What dismal weather!
A public place so dismal that the winos don't even want to go there.
In India, however, the situation is dismal.
That doctrine will no doubt lead to dismal consequences.

7. He is a gloomy sort of person who never smiles

8. melancholy

She fell prey to melancholy.
And then I breathe a sigh from melancholy in being unable to do anything about it.
It's a unique device able to make stress and melancholy vanish.
Hence, loathed melancholy.
We sensed a melancholy note in his voice.
Her words were filled with melancholy.
You are truly an antidote for my melancholy.

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Week 7 vocabulary

9. morose

David’s morose nature made him very unpleasant to talk to.
After Stanley found out he was no longer able to go on vacation with his friends, he sat in his room morosely.
unhappy, ​annoyed, and ​unwilling to ​speak or ​smile: a morose ​expression Why are you so morose these ​days?
Why are you so morose these days?
... Times" has become increasingly morose and the world's broadcasts...

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talking about yourself

10. Lugubrious

The rest of the movie is even heavier and more lugubrious.
a lugubrious face

11. saturnine

12. be unhappy

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13. very sad

Inglés palabragloomy"(very sad) ocurre en conjuntos:

unit 1-człowiek-pearson