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frown inglés:

1. frown frown

A frown may express anger or displeasure.
She frowned with concentration
Don't frown, it spoils your pretty face
He was listening to me with a frown.
A frown of disapproval
Eli frowned.
The teacher frowned when she saw all the mistakes I had made.
She nodded, then frowned.
In her family, any expression of feeling was frowned upon. She looked up with a puzzled frown on her face.
There was a faint frown on his face, and he swallowed twice, hard.
Mennis asked, frowning.
He put down his book with a slight frown.
An example of frown is the face you make when you are unhappy about something.
You will never see me frown!
The boss seemed to frown on my method.

2. to make an angry or unhappy expression by moving your eyebrow s together to make an angry or unhappy expression by moving your eyebrow s together

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3. smile

A smile may convey understanding, joy, or an appreciation of humor.
Russians never smile.
He loves her hair, her smile, her eyes? Wow, he is fucking good at telling lies!
Our smile, which is understandable in the context of Japanese culture, sometimes causes a lot of confusion and is notorious among foreign people as a mysterious smile.
I'm not angry. Look, see this smiling face? "That's what they call a forced smile!"
You could tell by the ear-to-ear grin that came to his face that he really had something to smile about.
She said good-bye with a smile, but there was a good deal of bitterness in her heart.
I guess Ichiko is a fellow rule-breaker, she's sending me a smile filled with affection for a comrade.
I have one final piece of advice related to handshakes: Remember to smile.
The first time I went to Russia I smiled at everyone and translated every please and thank you into Russian.
I believe that one should pay taxes with a smile. I tried it, but they wanted money.
Being able to smile while in great distress is not duck soup for a passionate individual.
It is often pointed out that a vague smile is typical of the Japanese.
I would swim through the ocean just to see your smile again.
You're never fully dressed, until you put up a smile.

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Antonyms 2 (physical appearance)

4. bring your eyebrows together when you are angry