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1. meet meet

Where shall we meet?
Before you go hiking in the woods, find out what you should do when you meet a bear.
Meet me at the lobby of the Imperial Hotel at 6:30 p.m.
Even though it's against company policy, Tom and Mary kiss and hug every time they meet.
Tom can meet you at the airport if you let him know your arrival time.
I met Tom before I graduated from high school, but didn't meet Mary until many years later.
You'll get plenty of chances to meet girls when you go to college.
The leaders of seven industrial democracies will meet in Okinawa in 2000.
We'll meet next time at ten o'clock, June the first, next year.
Additional imports of American beef are planned to meet rising demand.
He is usually straightforward and sincere and thereby gains the confidence of those who meet him.
In Japan, it is proper to bow when you meet someone.
When people meet, first impressions determine more than 50 percent of whatever happens next.
In many parts of the world, there is not enough food to meet everyone's needs.
We could meet downtown. Would that be convenient for you?

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2. meting meting

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