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1. dread dread

Why do you think animals dread fire?
The dreaded Russian winter had started and so Harriet was spending a lot of time indoors.
Does the thought of flying fill you with dread?
I dread being sick.
I fear that I will dread the same fears that burden me now.
When the dread news finally came, staff began to weep.
His expression holds both anticipation and dread.
I dread returning to my home country, because I have to look for a job.
I dread to think what will happen if they get elected. / I’m dreading that I’ll be asked to make a speech. / I dread waking up early every morning.
You're off on holiday tomorrow, aren't you? I am and you know, and I'm dreading it. I hate flying!
‘The dread factor’ describes our fear.
I always dread taking exams, they make me feel so nervous!
Definition if you dread something, you worry about it happening because you think it will be unpleasant or harmful
dread to anticipate with anxiety, alarm, or apprehension; fear intensely

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2. fearing fearing

Forwards! Without stopping without fearing!
But, knowing precisely sadness and love and death, and that they are vain images when we observe them from the calm space where we should shut ourselves in, he kept on weeping, and desiring love, and fearing death.

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3. to fear to fear

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