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1. noble

I am certain that you have noble thoughts.
An immense monument was erected in honor of the noble patriot.
Very noble
A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.
His noble deed deserves praise indeed.
She looks as noble as if she were a princess.
Nothing is more difficult to a noble person than a rich banquet, especially when the prime seats are taken by idiots.
the promotion of human rights was a noble aspiration / there is nothing more noble than a mature pine forest / the Duchess of Kent and several other noble ladies
I want to play a game where a noble female knight with the nickname "Light-Speed" freely manipulates gravity.
The human soul longs for something noble.
Eugene will get the Ig Noble prize for his contribution to literature.
It is sweet and noble to die for one's country.
Institutions, however noble their missions, have failed to replace the family.
... the surface of this noble idea lurk extraordinarily pesky...
For example, the chrysanthemum symbolises noble character.

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2. noble's

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